Hurricane Geoportal

Join us for an overview of Haag's Hurricane Geoportal and how it can help you keep an eye on the data!
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Haag is now offering site-specific GIS mapping and analysis for storm data. When a hurricane hits, it can be difficult to find detailed information quickly about that storm-- What were the maximum wind gusts at a particular site? Where did storm surges have the biggest impact? Does the hurricane track or wind swath from one storm overlap with a previous storm? How can I access the Local Climatological Data summary for a particular storm?

Applying GIS data to an assignment area helps you determine storm intensity and damage potentials at a given area, helping you clearly assess damage. Through the Haag Geoportal, you’ll have access to an interactive web-mapping platform with project specific information for your location of interest, as well as hurricane-related GIS data, including:

  • NOAA Wind Intensity Points
  • NOAA Hurricane Track
  • NOAA Wind Swath
  • NOAA Wind Radii
  • NOAA U.S. Local Climatological Data Points with links to daily and hourly observations
  • NEXRAD Mosaic
  • Historic NOAA Satellite Imagery


All projects include access to our web mapping interface with standard features (legend; interchangeable base-maps; measure tool; drawing tools; map formatting for quick printing capabilities; map coordinate search; basic data search capabilities). We also offer the option to include additional information that is specific to your project such as orthomosaic image overlays, project photos/files, and more. Please join us for an informational webinar to learn more (see links above)!