Unmanned Aircraft Systems

How could a UAS work for you?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems can...

  • Photograph a landfill from above
  • Map a surface mining facility
  • Track above ground and surface utility lines
  • View accident scenes
  • Document dangerous or difficult to reach areas of a building or property
  • Map oil and gas facilities
  • Photograph large agricultural areas
  • Document construction progress
  • Document forensic/damage sites
  • Document and assess fire damage
  • View and record historical buildings/areas

    To discuss Unmanned Aircraft System applications or projects, please call 281-313-9700 or email Kevin Kianka

      Kevin Kianka, P.E.

      Kevin Kianka, P.E., serves as the Director of Operations for Haag Technical Services, overseeing the office production of deliverables for clients, in addition to serving as a Project Manager on multiple projects.